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Can Has Opinions!

December 3rd, 2011

Okay folks, the last time I posted was P90X before/after shots back in May, and then before that, a random post about making icons in December. During those 12 months of relative blog silence I have a lot of thoughts I have failed to write down. Part of this is because if you want anything to be read these days, you gotta say it on Facebook or Twitter, but also because I’ve become a bit intellectually lazy. Well, that ends this week. Starting Saturday (it’s still mentally Friday for me) I’m going to post one thing every day until next Saturday with a set topic calendar.

Writing Schedule

  • Saturday: The overstated death of the PC and other turn of the century technologies
  • Sunday: The GOP 2012 presidential primary
  • Monday: The social networking horse race
  • Tuesday: Being a member of the governing party
  • Wednesday: Weekend projects and urban gardening
  • Thursday: How to get out of a big bank and into a credit union
  • Friday: Misunderstanding Occupy Wall Street

The general plan is to alternate politics with more practical or personal stories. Hopefully that keeps the writing from being too preachy. Anyway, I’ve never tried to set a writing schedule before, so it’ll be interesting to see if I can stick to it or not. It’ll also be interesting to see if anyone will even see updates. I’ll write a retrospective at the end of the week to see how it all went.

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