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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

October 21st, 2009

The past couple of months have been really crazy, so much so that even when I had topics I wanted to blog about, the very thought of trying to organize it into something meaningful filled me with dread… that and I discovered twitter. But a sort of normalcy has finally taken root in my life and I wish to get back into the swing of things. First, however, as is required under international blogging law, let’s do a quick mind dump on the events since last I posted.

Sarah Left for Holland

The most life changing news is that my fiancée has left for her year long fieldwork in the Netherlands. She will be staying in Enschede, which technically isn’t part of Holland, but saying “The Netherlands” sounds weird. Not having someone sentient around the house on a day-to-day basis is hard, and I think will only get harder as the months go by…

I Moved to San Francisco

Part of the agreement that lead to me relocating to Santa Cruz after law school was that once Sarah finished her course work and no longer needed to be on campus every day, we would get out of dodge! Well, three years have come and gone, and I’m officially out. I now reside in the Inner Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. The weather here is not at all like Santa Cruz, a lot more fog, a lot more cold, and even a lot more rain. It’s very much like Seattle… and while I love Seattle weather, it’s going to take some time to reacclimatizes myself. The apartment was nicknamed “Mountain Top” as it rests up a big hill and so I have a great view of the neighborhood.

View from Mountain Top

View from Mountain Top

Getting Involved in the Community

Now that I live alone in this great city, I’m trying to get more involved with the communities that are around me. The first step was to eat everything I could get my hands on and write a review about it so I would remember. It was an expensive hobby there for a while, as Sarah and I ate out nearly every night before her departure, but now I’m down to a much more manageable frequency. I’m also getting to know my neighbors, who all seem like really great people. It’s always nice to know some people in your building.

Next on the list is joining the local technology interest groups. I’ve joined the SF-LUG and the Ruby Meetup Group… we shall see what other organizations present themselves. I also plan to drop in on the local game shop’s board game night… because one can never play too many board games. The final piece is to find some volunteer/political activities in which to get involved. Still need to investigate what’s out there, but my guess is one need simply express some interest.

LegSim Resurgence

This past summer I’ve been working on a new version of LegSim written on Rails. We have a beta class running right now at the University of Washington and it seems to be going pretty well. The trick is that a lot of the features aren’t done yet, so it’s sort of a constant race against the clock to get a feature deployed before the students need it to complete an assignment. But that’s the sort of pressure I need to get me really motivated, so it’s all for the good. There’s some other really exciting things going on with LegSim right now that I hope to post about in the coming weeks.

Changes in the Workplace

Leaving Santa Cruz meant leaving my cool downtown office… which was sad, as I really liked the ladies who worked there and the space was great. Now I am once again confined to my apartment and the local coffee shops, but I’m not too worried. The much bigger change is that our company’s Lead Developer decided to peruse other opportunities earlier this month. What that means for me is I am now listed as the “Project Manager” of our big new Content Management System. I actually hope to blog a little about that in the coming weeks as well, as there are some really cool technical problems to overcome with that project and I hope to share some earned wisdom.

I think that about covers the main highlights. With luck there will be more regular — and shorter — posts in the future.

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