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Sarah’s Big News, or Modern Day Apocalypse

April 9th, 2009

Two big events in the past twenty-four hours and I just can’t decide which one is more blog worthy! So I’m just going to blog about both in the same post and let the reader decide.

Topic 1: Sarah’s Big News

Sarah received word that she was selected to be a recipient of a Social Science Research Council grant for the purposes of conducting field research in Holland. Next to taking her Qualifying Exams in June, getting funding was the biggest challenge to eventually earning her Ph.D., so securing funding is a big deal. Many don’t get funding on their first application, and some never get funding at all.

Current plan is for her to ship out in October 2009 and return a year later. I will travel out to visit for a month sometime in the middle of her field work, so probably in April 2010. Before and after my temporary relocation to Tulip Country, I will be living in San Francisco in the coolest bachelor pad my salary can afford… does anyone have a cardboard box I can buy on installment?

Topic A: Modern Day Apocalypse

Early this morning someone intentionally cut a number of fiber-optic connections linking Santa Cruz to the rest of the digital universe. Cell phones, land lines, ATMs, credit card machines, even the internet have been down ever since. Somehow Comcast managed to avoid the saboteurs blade, so I haven’t lost internet, but I’ve been without a phone all day.

Further evidence that the internet is the second most important utility after electricity and only because the devices that can make use of the internet tend to require electricity. Water, gas, sewage… these things pale in comparison to the vital bit flow.

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