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WordPress Theme Updates

February 22nd, 2009

I really have fallen in love with the inove WordPress theme. It’s clean, yet stylish… modern, yet grounded. It is nearly perfection. But for my particular needs, it is not exactly perfect. Thankfully, the source is available and appears to be released under the Collective Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license. That’s handy, because this blog is under the same license.

So, this afternoon I grabbed the source, spun up a git repository for it, and started making the changes I wanted to better fit my needs. I’ve now gotten it good enough to use on my blog, which means the code needs to be “shared alike”, per the terms of the license. To that end, I invite anyone who is interested to grab the code from its github repository. Maybe the original author will take a peak at some of the option settings and incorporate them into the official version.

Here’s a quick list of the modifications:

  • option to hide/show date on “page” posts
  • option to hide/show comments on “page” posts
  • option to hide/show tag cloud
  • option to display archives grouped by month or by year
  • option to show nested categories
  • option to show a license string in the footer and modify the copyright holder string
  • option to use Google Analytics
  • changed the header graphic to have a green tint

In retrospect I should have allowed the user to choose from different color of headers, which would be pretty easy. Also, the Google Analytics settings are probably not something most WordPress users would be interested in, as there are so many existing Google Analytics plugins. I added it here because all of the existing plugins were either way complex or didn’t seem to play nice with the theme, so this was the easiest solution. Oh, and the hide/show comments is different than simply disabling them for pages, which you can do through WordPress settings… this hides them entirely.

Some future stuff I’d like to do, beyond the two things I just mentioned are: hide the “Uncategorized” category; show archives as nested year/month with collapse toggles; and when viewing a post in a child category, the category bread crumb should include the parent categories. We’ll see when all that happens.

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  1. March 1st, 2009 at 18:33 | #1

    Theme’s looking good.

    Suggesting/contributing changes I’ve made to other peoples’ plugins is something I know I should do but usually forget. Most theme developers overlook something or miss a trick. If you’ve made improvements, share them so everyone benefits. Blog’s looking good.

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