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Renaissance Faire

October 1st, 2008

I accepted an invitation from Brett and Timber to attend this year’s Northern California Renaissance Faire. It was my first time attending a Faire, which is considered a bit of a cultural necessity in geek circles, so I felt it was time. I took some pictures, which I uploaded to Flickr as an experiment.

I didn’t take very many photos of the attendees, though they were by far the most interesting aspect of the faire. The costumes came in a wide varieties, from the simple to the ornate. The only unifying theme I could find was the obsession with corsets on the female form. Since I’m entirely too shy of a photographer to take personal shots, here is one I took of a large group.

Later on this group would setup a life-size game of Janga which they played blind folded…

We took in two different jousting events put on by the Knights of Avalon, a full contact jousting troupe that is also a 501(c)(3) rescuing horses. Interestingly, the Knights of Avalon are sponsored by Monster Energy, if the stickers on Black Knight were to be believed.

Dudes had some serious armor

They actually hit each other with sticks going very fast

Of course, no Faire is complete without food. I purchased a roast beef sandwich that proved unexciting. But Timber purchased bread and cheese, seen here.

You could also purchase this with a sausage, in which case the entire thing was served on a stick

While eating we enjoyed minstrels and players on stage. In addition to the Irish music and dance group shown below, we also saw a rather clever 30 minute bit about Shakespeare that was rather intelligent. You needed to know a decent amount about Shakespeare to appreciate their humor.

The photo of the players was totally lit wrong, so you get this far less exciting photo of music

Perhaps most critical to truly appreciating the event was to join in with the costuming. Brett, as is traditional, was a bump on a log. But Timber got into the act with a garland that matched her dress.

Who wouldn’t want ribbons flowing off their head?

I decided to take the whole concept a bit further and made a true investment in ridiculousness. Behold, my new fluffy hat:

Now my Bowler Hat has a friend

It’s worth noting that I got a deal on the plumage, talking them down to just $15 for the three extra feathers, which apparently was quit a bargain. Here’s another shot of me standing in a rustic setting, with the hat.

Now I have something for Halloween

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  1. Shannan
    October 1st, 2008 at 23:18 | #1

    Quite humorous! Must share with Judy D…. Congrats on your very spiffy hat!! I used to have a ring of garland like Timber’s (I’m sure Mom has it saved somewhere), so we could all dress up as minstrels sometime! Must do something with her “bump on a log” husband (WOW! I’ve not had cause to say that before now in regard to them…totally weird!). Would he fare better with something more in the realm of pirates?

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