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Getting Back Up…

June 25th, 2008

The probonogeek.org server is starting to come back from the dead. I took down the slice following my recent hack and awaited instructions from my hosting provider. Sadly, this experience made them reconsider entering this business and they have terminated the beta slice program that in which I was a part. They pointed me towards slicehost, which is a competitor with Linode, which we use at work. Anyway, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try something new, so I signed up for a slice and got the ball rolling on a new server.

Remember kids, security first…

niles@zion:~/exploit$ ./exploit
Linux vmsplice Local Root Exploit
By qaaz
[+] mmap: 0x100000000000 .. 0x100000001000
[+] page: 0x100000000000
[+] page: 0x100000000038
[+] mmap: 0x4000 .. 0x5000
[+] page: 0x4000
[+] page: 0x4038
[+] mmap: 0x1000 .. 0x2000
[+] page: 0x1000
[+] mmap: 0x2b7638001000 .. 0x2b7638033000
[-] vmsplice: Bad address

Now I just need to restore my Subversion and Apache servers and I’ll be rocking and rolling once again!

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