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My Parts Per Million

My company did a website for a water testing device manufacture (I realize, not our usual political fare… not every client can be running for President). The client was so pleased with the new site they sent us a nice gift basket and a few of their products. Once quick USPS shipment and I am the proud owner of an HMDigital TDS-4.

So, I drew myself a glass of tap water (I don’t filter my water, but Sarah does… I’ll test hers once she gets a new filter) and gave it a go. My Santa Cruz tap water measures in at 216 TDS PPM. That’s right, 216 Total Dissolved Solids parts per million. The back of the product says the EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Levels of TDS for human consumption is 500 ppm. I’m not sure if 216 is good, great, acceptable, below average, I just know it’s not the maximum contaminant level… huzzah?!

Great thing is, this device is portable, so I can start taking it to restaurants and provide reviews on water quality. It’s a whole new world of eating out metrics. Oh sure, we could go out to there, but the TDS was a little high last time…

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