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My Green Thumb?

I wouldn’t have believed it a year ago if you had told me, “Sean, you’re going to be able to grow living plants and keep them alive,” but, believed or not, it would appear to be true. As evidence, I submit the following photograph

My glorious impatiens

I planted these about a month ago in the planter pot I got Sarah for her birthday (technically these are her flowers that I grow on her behalf). When I first got them I expected two, maybe three, blooms per pot. But now, with some tender love, consistent watering, and the eclectic mix of music played by the neighboring spa, my little flowers are blooming all over the place. More than a dozen in some pots.

The bottom six pots have a mix of different color impatiens and are all doing splendidly. The top pot has a flower that Sarah purchased, so I don’t know the species, but it has had a tougher go of things. At first it started dying, dropped all of its flowers and the stalks flopped over the edge of the pot. But I kept watering it, trimmed away the dead bits, and slowly but surely the plant has risen once again.

Due to the nature of the porch it lives on, I have to rotate the pot with some frequency to ensure every flower gets roughly the same amount of sun. I haven’t decided if they do better in the sunlight or in the shade, but I know that not turning the pot leads one side to die and the other to do better, so rotation is now part of regular maintenance. In addition, I water my little plants with a trusty spray bottle, which I feel more realistically simulates rain water like the flowers long since forgotten ancestors must have known before cultivation and greenhouses forever changed flower production in the industrialized world.

Sarah is also trying her hand at flower care this season, having killed off her long lived green plant. Here’s a wide shot of our little garden.

Sarah’s plants are in the green planter and brown terracotta planter

She is also keeping a hanging plant which lives up in the rafters

I’m not quite sure how she gets up there to water it?

Sarah’s project is quite a bit more ambitious than mine, but since these are the first plants I’ve ever successfully grown, I’m happy with the results to date.

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