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Doing Good Work

April 26th, 2007

I realize there are a number of items I haven’t really announced that are worth announcing, so here they are…

1) I am officially employed, full time, by the fine people at Evans Data Corporation, a small survey company here in Santa Cruz. (I would provide a link, but their site is awful… hence my employment.) While the job isn’t even remotely related to my law degree, it is an excellent opportunity to gain some real experience in the “corporate” world as well as get to know some regular folks beyond Sarah’s graduate friends.

2) Just as exciting, if not more exciting, is that today Planned Parenthood launched its Wall of Protest site, which is web response to the recent Supreme Court decision about the partial birth abortion ban. (Note to constitutional scholars: what is scare about this decision is not that Congress can limit choice in this particular way, but that Congress can regulate in this area at all because it paves the way for a complete Federal ban should Roe v. Wade ever fall. What ever happened to enumerated powers?!) Anyway, working on the site has been great as have the people who coordinated the whole thing. Another company did the flash stuff, but I put together all the submission mechanisms and administrative tools. If you are a supporter of choice in this country, go visit the site and post something… if you aren’t a supporter, prepare to be bested by my various security mechanisms :)

3) Sarah, my GF, started a blog of her own about stuff. Check it out. That photo of her, by the way, is from a moving San Fransisco cable car taken on our two day trip during Spring Break.

That’s all for now… in the future I hope to be buying a car, so there may be photos a comin’.

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  1. srcastic
    April 27th, 2007 at 03:32 | #1

    yea job!

    yea blogging!

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