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Smart Words from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs

February 8th, 2007

Buried in a story about the shift of 7 GOP Senators to now back the war resolution debate in the Washington Post, having earlier voted to block the debate, is this gem of a quote. I reproduce it without alteration from the Post’s article.

A top Pentagon leader weighed in yesterday on the war debate and appeared to undercut the argument advanced by the White House and many GOP lawmakers that a congressional debate challenging the Bush plan would hurt troop morale.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that the dialogue here in Washington strengthens our democracy. Period,” Marine Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified before the House Armed Services Committee. He added that potential enemies may take some comfort from the rancor but said they “don’t have a clue how democracy works.”

Fantastic! I really couldn’t have said it better myself, and I hope the Bush Administration was listening. It is our debate, and even our dissent, which makes us strong. If our enemies take this as a sign of weakness, they do so at their peril.

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  1. srcastic
    February 8th, 2007 at 16:13 | #1

    I guess I just don’t understand how the media framing of the blocking of the debate comports with reality. Warner, the sponsor of the main nonbinding resolution, himself voted against cloture, and thus against debate on the issue.

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