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The Big Move

August 22nd, 2006

A new record in blog silence! One month, seven days. Exciting, I know. But it’s time to figure out what I’m doing with this blog now that I’m all graduated. First, some housekeeping chores for any of you who actually read this blog for news about me.

  1. took the California Bar in late July (passage status unknown)
  2. participated in roommate’s wedding as Best Man (speech went over well)
  3. found an apartment in Santa Cruz (it is both tiny and expensive)
  4. took the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (passage status also unknown)
  5. friends all had a big going away dinner on Saturday at Icon Grill (food was fantastic)
  6. throwing an event tomorrow to see folks one last time (evite title: Sean’s Fleeing the Jurisdiction)
  7. in the process of preparing and releasing a version 3.3 of LegSim (codename: Hastert)
  8. packing and leaving for Santa Cruz on the 30th of this month (yes, eight days)

So, there you have it. Big news to be sure.

Now, let’s have a quick chat about this blog. I’ve always enjoyed blogging… I’ve been doing it in some form or another since 1999. Way before the cool kids did it. It’s mostly been on personal subject matter or various adventures like traveling to Washington D.C. Now that my crazy college day antics are over, I’m left with just a couple of possible topics.

  • I could post about personal matters, like rants about friends, family or significant others. But, I don’t think that’s very fair to those people and isn’t a really healthy way to handle those sorts of issues. Best to talk to them directly.
  • I could post about professional matters, like what I’m doing at work. This is a fine idea if I was just sticking with LegSim, but since I’m 99% sure to get a job working for either a law firm (thus under confidentiality rules) or a technology company (thus under an NDA), I would be rather limited in my subject matter.
  • I could post about political matters, which has always been my mainstay topic. I like politics and I enjoy sharing my views. Trouble with blogs is that they record views for long term inspection… I’ve said some pretty crazy things in my reckless youth. Do I really want all of that up for critique in 30 years?
  • I could post about nonsense, which seems to comprise about 95% of blogs in the world and roughly 99% of the content on my friend’s blogs. To be honest, I don’t even known what I would talk about that is nonsensical… somehow the discover that Target underwear comes in a resealable bag doesn’t strike me as ProBonoGeek subject material (if you are interested in such topics, drop me a line ’cause I have the blog for you).

So, there is my conundrum. If anyone is out there still reading this blog (and I doubt it) drop me a comment on what you think I should do. Is it time to give up the ghost and start journaling in private? Do I run the risk of political self-sabotage? Got an opinion, now is the time to speak.

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  1. ethan
    August 23rd, 2006 at 00:07 | #1

    We talk enough nonsense for you.

    I vote for number 5: Talk about your relationship!

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