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Emerging from the Mayhem

June 12th, 2006

Today is the 12th of June… the last time I posted was April 16, which is just four days short of a two month hiatus. My deepest apologies for my sudden and unannounced disappearance. It has been a pretty stressful few months. And that’s coming from me, a guy who almost never gets stressed.

Here’s a brief list of what I’ve been up to this past couple of months:

  • GPSS Spring Social
  • Compressed Courses finals
  • Deciding if I’m moving to California
  • Final S&A Fee Deliberations
  • GPSS Bylaw Review
  • End of the quarter assignments
  • GPSS summer hirings
  • GPSS elections
  • Advanced Writing Requirement
  • Meeting with California public policy folks
  • Full Length Courses Finals
  • Final ASUW Senate Meeting (I got a fancy award)
  • Preparing the Regent’s Item for the S&A Fee Recommendations
  • Registering for the California Bar and BarBri Preparation Course
  • Graduation Ceremony Preparation (I was a banner carrier)
  • Meeting with the University AG to discuss S&A Fee Guidelines
  • Research Project (which was supposed to be done Winter Quarter)
  • June Regent’s Meeting to Present S&A Fee Recommendations
  • University Wide Graduation Ceremony
  • Law School Graduation Ceremony
  • Attending the California Bar Review Course concurrent with school and finals

So, I’ve been busy.

As of today I have just three objectives between now and July 25 (the day of the Bar Examine).

  • Complete Research Project by June 16
  • Keep up Bar Review Schedule
  • Find gainful employment in the Santa Cruz area

Which should continue to keep me busy.

But I’m going to do my best to keep the blog up-to-date during the last few months of my legal education.

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