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A Succesful Week

January 15th, 2006

It’s funny how a week can turn around so quickly. Anyone reading this past week’s post would think I was on my way to completing a thoroughly awful week. But fate has conspired to turn that all around. Some of it’s personal, and not befitting of my resolution to keep deeply person items off this page… but other items are worth shouting from the rooftops.

First, GPSS gave me the go ahead to negotiate with the ASUW to purchase webhosting capacity. This is a great step towards better sharing of resources between the two student governments. GPSS benefits because we get high level technology without having to do the hiring or pay for time and energy we don’t really need. ASUW benefits because now they have their big brother looking over their shoulder to make sure things are run right. That may sound strange… but interdependency is a great way to ensure stability. If I can come up with an agreement that is mutually beneficial for both GPSS and ASUW then I hope to take the model and apply it to SAF.

Speaking of SAF, this Friday the Committee approved for comment my proposed guidelines. These guidelines will be distributed far and wide over the next couple of weeks so that interested parties can submit comment for review. The Acting Vice President has suggested that if all goes according to plan we can get the new guidelines approved by the Regents at their March meeting. This has been an amazing process and really serves as a crowning achievement for my time in student government… right up there with the Senate Reform process from a few years ago.

Add to all of that my recent gush of civic pride stemming from the Seahawks’ thundering defeat of the Washington Redskins on Saturday and you’ve got a great week, even with all that bad stuff from Tuesday and Wednesday.

And, you know, even if all that stuff had gone south… I’d still be pretty happy. Good stuff is going on, and I really couldn’t be more excited where it’s going to take me next.

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  1. Karl Smith
    January 16th, 2006 at 02:27 | #1

    ASUW benefits because now they have their big brother looking over their shoulder to make sure things are run right.

    Intriguing. See, I joke using that terminology all the time. But in truth, GPSS is not ASUW’s older sibling. There is no hierarchy here and you know that. Put yourself back in your former shoes as chair of the Student Senate, what would you think of such a characterization? Stick with this one and I’ll forever refer to GPSS as an “ungrateful splinter group.” ;-)

  2. tom
    January 16th, 2006 at 08:07 | #2

    Add this list to all of the things you are not doing, and it sounds like your week did in fact shape up pretty well ; )

  3. k :)
    January 17th, 2006 at 03:52 | #3

    a wild and jubilant yay for good stuff (honestly)!

    I’m glad things are looking up and that SAFS has finally bent to your political will :) Isn’t it fun to mold like clay the various aspects of student goventment? Anymore molding and their might yet be a dedicated bust in the gardens :-P

    It is actually nice to see some oversight getting worked into student government – you know my stance on all that jazz.

  4. srcastic
    January 17th, 2006 at 17:57 | #4

    I agree with Karl, and like the characterization of GPSS as an ungrateful splinter group that is overrepresented in shared governance exercises (think student regent selection committee, where GPSS has 50% too much representation). Moreover, history shows that GPSS doesn’t always have their stuff together.

    Glad your week turned around though.

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