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Laptop Dying… Won’t Last Much Longer

December 3rd, 2005

My laptop is so on its last leg. I’ve said this before. Roughly two years ago I started a fairly comprehensive policy of treating my laptop very poorly. Dropping it, stuffing it into a bag already full of books, using it in poorly ventelated areas. The result of my consistent abusive behavior eventually took its toll on my poor laptop… and now it has scant few days left.

The final death blow came Thursday when the fan, which had been acting up for months, finally bit the big one. Now, anytime it has to spin up it sounds like a playing card in a bicycle wheel spoke. Just an awful, awful sound. Adding injury in insult, the physical volume control broke off on the same day. Now the laptop is always muted… no digital audio goodness for me.

Now I’m in the market for a new laptop and I’m looking for something small. There are two models of interest. The Toshiba Libretto U100 and the Dell Latitude X1. The Dell option is somewhat tried-and-true, but I have a real aversion to Dell and due to their online retail nature there is no way to try before you buy. The Toshiba is a bit more, shall we say, controversial.

It weighs 2.2 lbs and it not much larger than a VHS tape. The screen is 7.2 inches diagonal. That’s super tiny. And the keyboard is equally tiny… so typing may be a problem. It’s also expensive, $2000 expensive. Futher testing will have to be in order.

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