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Federal Nondenominational Gift Giving Day (Observered)

December 19th, 2005

Continuing the War on Christmas, my friends and I gathered for good fun and holiday cheer in our annual gift exchange. These continue to get more and more extravagant as our earning potential increases… which is great. I get as good of stuff from my friends as I do from my family. It’s like two Christmas mornings!

This year we incorporated Tom into the festivities, bringing the total participants to four. Which means each is responsible for purchasing a gift for three people. But, and this is the clever part, we mostly go in on the same gift for one person. Thus the gift is usually on the larger scale of gifts one might hope for during the holidays.

This year I received the gift of a life time. A laser level! Not only does it mount vertically by inserting big metal pokers into my nice white walls, it can project its death beam around corners. I love it. The level comes as part of a whole slew of good Craftsman tools and a handy toolbox. I recently learned that I enjoy handyman stuff, so this is a great start on equipment necessary to persue my life long dream of becoming an apartment building superintendent.

A geek can dream…

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