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A Shopping Adventure

December 5th, 2005

Instead of actually studying or getting ready for my impending finals smackdown, I went computer shopping today. To aid me in my shopping I brought along Tom, Eric, and my trusty FlexCar. That’s right, I actually used my automobile! It was pretty cool, in retrospect. Keys in the glove compartment, RFID embedded card to open the vehicle, secret pin to unlock the ignition. All very sleek and modern. The car was even a hybrid, which was totally cool. You can actually see the battery charge and how much is charged back into the battery when you break. Behold technology.

We went to BestBuy and Circuit City to caress the laptops. Laptop caressing is very important… you need to know if it is going to provide the kind of robust experience one would expect when putting down $2000. I am pleased to announce that I have found just such a machine. I selected the Toshiba Protege R200. Having decided I drove home, went to NewEgg.com, and purchased it with same as cash for the next six months. Should arrive in three days.

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  1. ethan
    December 5th, 2005 at 17:25 | #1

    Gratz on the new machinations! :D I want to SEE it… I want to TOUCH it…

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