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Course Correction

November 22nd, 2005

Today was a day to correct my course in life. To be honest, I wasn’t really expected all that much of it… but the end result was somewhat spectacular. First, I finished Freakonomics (on which I will post later). Always good to finish books. With that behind me, I finalized my schedule for next quarter by meeting with a couple of professors to establish research jobs in an effort to avoid taking Real Estate Transactions. The positions afford me cool opportunity to research the Circuit splitting efforts of the Congressional Republicans. I also will continue to work with Prof. Covington of the Technology Law & Public Policy Clinic on their website.

Beyond academics, I spoke with Prof. Wilkerson about the future of LegSim… things seem to be moving up in the world. Good movement on the high school sales front, finally finished up some outstanding contract work, and the Professor is excited about features that I’m just finishing up. After that meeting I visited the Congress class where Congressman Adam Smith was discussing his time in Congress. That was weird, for reasons related to Lindsay and all that… but it was also positive because he said, in no uncertain terms, that he wouldn’t care if one of his staff came with a JD but had not passed the Bar. Yet another data point for my continued investigation into whether I’m taking the Bar.

Then, in the magical land of student government, I had a meeting with a budgeting administrator on the issue of the S&A Fee Fund Balance (currently $6.7 million). The conversation quickly turned to other issues and the eventual validation of a long standing point of contention between myself and the administration. It was good to be right, but for reasons that are both complicated and best kept private, the fallout from being right may be bad for the long term health of the services funded by the S&A Fee.

After all of that, I got my hair cut at my fancy hair salon, Derby. This is my second time going there, and I continue to like the service and believe it to be worth the added cost. I don’t have any pictures to share with you this time, but feel free to browse the archives for previous jungle shots.

Lastly, I had a big old conversation with Lindsay. Details are not really worth going into… but it was certainly a helpful conversation in terms of closure. Which is, in itself, strange. Why am I still looking for closure five months after we broke up?! I have theories, but I’m going to let this play itself out and see where it all ends up.

Suffice to say, when all was said it done, my courses has been substantially corrected.

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  1. ethan
    November 23rd, 2005 at 01:00 | #1

    As you might know better than anyone, Dr. Kellogg, closure is a myth. She’ll always be a part of your life.

    And I thought we discussed the hair cut? You were to grow a new ‘fro!

  2. srcastic
    November 23rd, 2005 at 04:59 | #2

    Glad your hair is trimmed.

    Good to know that Legsim is still going well – you deserve much (most?) of the credit.

    I think you should take the bar, whether you think you are going to practice or not. You will pass it if you take it seriously, and it is a feather in your cap. Moreover, it would be easier to take shortly out of law school rather than years down the road if you change your mind.

    Working with the professor sounds interesting – would like to hear more about it.

    I am sure you are on the right course – you have a good head on your shoulders.

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