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Indexing Everything

October 9th, 2005

There are moments in technologyI consider revolutionary. Moments like the realization that all data can be stored with nothing more than a simple bit toggle, distinguishing the network from the data, creating the graphical user interface… events that fundamentally alter everything.

Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt is quoted by CNet stating that Google will complete indexing all the world’s knowledge in 300 years. This is a revolutionary moment. Stop for a second to consider how long 300 years is… done? Good. Because what is remarkable about that statement, in the truly revolutionary sense, is not the time period, but the conceptual possibility of indexing all of the world’s information. It is nothing short of aweinspiring.

Returning for a moment to the issue of time… I wonder if that is based on a pure mechanical understanding of the process of indexing, or if that also considers how long it will take to gain access to all of the world’s data? The cost of information climbs everyday, and shows no sign of slowing. One who controls the data possess a unique advantage one is unlikely to relinquish without a fight. How exactly does Google plan to convince those “in the know” to let the rest of us in?

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