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Why I do What I do

September 10th, 2005

A lot of people ask why I don’t use Windows and sometimes they go so far as to ask why I use Linux. I assure you, the answers to the first question are many and need little explanation… but the why behind using Linux is often harder to grasp. But the questions go beyond that… like, why I don’t use mp3s, choosing instead the far less ubiquitous ogg format. Some don’t understand my “I am an illegal circumvention device” t-shirt or why I believe the DMCA poses a greater threat to the average American than the Patriot Act. Of course, the simple answer is that it’s all interrelated, and if you understand one answer the rest fall into place. But the comprehension level of people on this subject hovers around 2% of those who ask.

Thankfully, today I received a link to an easy to understand video on a concept known as trusted computing. It deals with the issue at a very high level, but it gets the point across and does so with exacting beauty. I would suggest anyone who has ever asked me why, watch and listen.

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