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Update on State Aid

September 8th, 2005

Sam, my friend and fellow blogger, dropped by my site a few days ago to point out some additional states that he knew were offering space to evacuees (New Mexico, Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, and California). It raises the total states to 13, roughly one quarter. Which raises two points: One, I’m glad to see that other states are chipping it; two, why did an official FEMA list of states offering support not include every state. Seems like that should be a pretty easy list to keep track of… it’s not like it detailed the extent of the aid they were offering.

All that being said, the Seattle Times is reporting that all of the generosity may not be needed… or, at least, not accepted. From the article, it sounds as thought Washington State will only be taking in those evacuees who manage to get up here under their own power. Which is great that we are going to have a place for those people… but what about all of those who need a place to say and lack the means to get here? I’m not sure if keeping them all bottled up in the Astrodome is really the most humane thing to do. Not that shipping them halfway across the country is any better, but I’m perplexed as to why FEMA is trying to avoid distributing the evacuees beyond the immediately surrounding area. Is this a failure to see beyond the next few weeks when those areas begin to complain about the overwhelming drain of social welfare resources?

On a cynical note… the Washington Post reports that President Push is asking for an additional $51 billion in hurricane relief funding. Watch as Congress completes this appropriations bill in under a week. Obviously getting funds to that area to care for the needy is important and rightfully falls to the Federal government (who can tax generally and spend specifically). But I’m wondering if there isn’t a few couple billions in there for actual reconstruction of buildings and private property? Roads, telephone polls, general use stuff is great… but I can’t help but wonder if there will be money made available to help rebuild apartments and share living spaces. And if there is such money, who is going to own those buildings when all is said and done? They were owned by private property holders to begin with, those property holders charged people who lived there rents, and now those same people are going to pay taxes to rebuild them and still have to pay rents… all to the benefit of the original private property owner?

I don’t know how this reconstruction thing works, but it strikes me as being a potential boon for property owners who make money off providing services for profit to the poor. But I admit, I’m feeling cynical tonight.

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  1. Marc Rader
    September 8th, 2005 at 03:48 | #1

    Arizona is taking people from the Hurricane areas as well. http://www.kold.com/Global/story.asp?S=3820231

  2. srcastic
    September 9th, 2005 at 05:16 | #2

    I think many other states are too – I found those additional states in a few quick google searches, and know that there are more. Apparently FEMA isn’t able to keep track of such complicated things.

  3. pizt
    September 9th, 2005 at 13:09 | #3

    Yes, there will be $ spent on rebuilding. Why, Halliburton has already aquired the contracts to rebuild various military sites along that coast!

    Looks like the Brothers Grim (Jeb and George) make sure their friends get plenty of access to the cash flow when catastrophe strikes.

    Here in FLA, there is a continuing scandal regarding the appropriation of hurricane relief aid B4 the most recent presidential erection. Seems, Miami-Dade county, a serious republican fortress, got millions in unneeded aid. People got new tvs, wardrobes, etc. though they hadn’t been affected by the storm. Remember how important FLA was in that last election.

    After the election, however, when another storm actually wiped out homes and derailed lives, help was not forthcoming. “Too much abuse of the system,” qoth our illustrious leader Jeb.

    The plot has thickened now that a memo from a Bushie consultant has surfaced which was written in that pre-erection period. It stated that it would be useful to consider the positive impact on elections genenrous state response to hurricane victims would evoke.

    History repeats itself. History repeats itself.

    Eh chere?

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