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I Have Been on a Long and Interesting Trip…

September 4th, 2005

…and to quote the steps of the University Street Station, “there are many ways in which I could talk about it.” Whether through friendship, lost loves, political fortunes, building of lasting bonds or renewing old ones, exploring new places, gasping at the grandness of our nation, or feeling dispair over its ineptness to help the helpless, each day had its own unique story with perplexity and purpose.

It seems things often come to a head when one travels. Something about the removal from familiar locations and comfort zones forces you to really think about issues, explore new facets of yourself, and with any luck, challenge your very rationale for life. I’m not saying the past fives days are pinnacle moments for me, but I do believe they will have lasting effects.

Some of these stories I have retold in previous posts, others are perhaps too personal to properly express through words alone. Not to be unreasonably melodramatic, but often times feelings can only be expressed with a full understanding of the person expressing them… and while I consider myself reasonably good with the word I don’t fool myself into believing I can express the past week nearly as well as I wish I could, or it deserves.

I’m back now, safe in my comfort zone, surrounded by the possessions and in control of my future. I don’t think I will offer my friend a place to stay after all… several conversations with good friends have brought me to the realization that my friend is probably using me more than seeking genuine help (which begs the question… is he really a friend?). Certainly my heart goes out to the many suffering in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, but law students have a bright future that affords them the ability to borrow large sums of money. I personally think it is disingenuous of them to drain society of volunteer resources which could be going to people more in need. Tonight I will sit down and figure out my finances so that I can cut a check to Second Harvest. I think it will be money better spent.

As a final thought, when I arrived home last night I learned two things. First, I have come down with some kind of illness. Generally plane flights do weird things to my body, so I hope this is only temporary, but you never really know. Second, Chief Justice Rehnquist died last night. This opens a second position on the Supreme Court, and many believe this to be a big deal. I believe the legal community morns his passing, because if he did nothing else, he empowered the federal judiciary to stand against an overbearing Congress in more than one occasion. He is the reason and rationale behind the phrase “Imperial Judicary.” However, this does not give President Bush an opportunity to push the court further right, since Rehnquist was already pretty right of center, unlike O’Connor. I guess time will tell, but first we much see to the confirmation of Mr. Roberts.

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