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Better than Airtravel, and Without Competition

September 1st, 2005

I rarely taken trains, but ever time I get on one I fall in love again. There is something rather romantic about the whole affair. The sounds, the view, the kinds of people who are attracted by its cheap fairs. Something very communal about the whole experience.

But now I have an even better reason to like trains… in seat electrical outlets! Yes, that’s right, I can plugin my laptop and run for hours! In an airplane I’m surrounded by fancy gadgets, TV’s built into the chair in front of me, 23 different audio channels… but not outlets. I’m limited to the length of my battery life and then that’s it. Why can’t they put in freakin’ outlets!? And why does Amtrak, who has no competition to speak off on the rail lines, have better amenities than a flight that costs hundreds more to go the same distance?

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