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Table Move: Successful

August 27th, 2005

I am proud to report that the table move operation was a rousing success. I didn’t kill any pedestrians Downtown, the table never flew out the back of the truck, and in the end, GPSS is now home to three large pieces of wood that may one day form a 10ft conference table. Here’s a little photo journal for those visual learners among us.

The table tops, of which there are two, five feet in length. Turns out the table was actually sawed in half.

The bottom leg parts

The truck loaded with Sheridan, my trusty helper

Me, with keys, showing off that fact that no one has died yet

The truck at the HUB loading dock

Inside of the loading elevator

The bottom part in the GPSS Office.

Behold, the huge top pieces in there final resting place… until we actually put the thing together

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