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Recent Purchases

August 15th, 2005

With the various jobs I’ve held this summer finally paying off, my credit cards paid down, and no more girl friend related expenses (which, for the record, were worth every cent), I find myself somewhat flush with cash. Not so much that I’m looking at condos… but enough that I actually visited vehix.com today to check on the price of my dream car (White VW Cabrio). Turns out I won’t be buying one tomorrow ($13,000, with 64,000 miles on it).

Instead, I’ve made a few smaller purchases to tide the thirst for consumption. The first is something I’ve been meaning to buy for sometime, my domain name. I am now the proud owner of probonogeek.org, which should have something worth looking at in the next couple of days. Mind you, that something will probably be this blog, but it’s all a work in progress.

Far more exciting, if you ask me, is my new Tux CD holder (pictured below). He holds 16 CDs, and I’ve stuffed him with every Linux Distro I think is worth having. Now, whenever a friend wants to baptize his computer, I’ll need to bring the white robes and the penguin.

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