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Google T-Shirt Spotting

August 13th, 2005

This evening, while procuring ice cream for our Friday night Battlestar Galactica watching shindig (yes, every week… and no, I don’t care if you think its geeky), I spotted a most unfamiliar site. I had selected my white Google T-Shirt, given to me by an old roommate who now works for Google down in sunny California, for the particular evening festivities. It’s the standard design with the colored letters from the world famous logo.

Anyway, at the QFC we had just picked up the carton of ice cream (Cookies ‘n Cream) and were making our way to the register when I was litterally stopped in my tracks. There, before me, was this gorgeous blond girl looking at soda pop. And what was she wearing, you might ask? A girl-fitted Google T-shirt. It wasn’t quite like mine, mind you. It was green with white lettering… but it certainly said Google and had their web address. I had to confirm with my associate that I wasn’t hallucinating. I mean, outsite of Elise and Jill, I’ve never seen a girl wear a Google T-shirt, and it public too!

I found the whole event rather surreal, what with the same T-shirt and the different genders. Of course, you might be asking if I went up and introduced myself to this goddess of geek. No. I’m like three weeks out of a relationship people… these things take time.

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