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Friends Who Blog

August 26th, 2005

At GPSS we have quite a foursome among the officers (augmented by our cheerful, if not formally dead inside, Office Manager). There’s Adam, the President, who is mild-mannered and as nice as one can be. Just don’t cross him, because he will gladly take you down a peg, but always with a smile. Katherine, the Secretary, remains one of the largest mysteries in my life. More to be said about her in the future, to be sure. Of course, there’s me… the less said about him, the better.

But today I want to say a few words about Nick, the Vice President. First, he’s got a website. A very funny website. It’s well written and nicely laid out, complete with photos. The site is awfully personal, so it may not make much sense to those who don’t know him. But I still think it’s worth a gander. The blog is called “Because I’m Asian,” which had me in stitches when I first read it. See, Nick is of Asian ancestry (although how much is a matter of debate) and has a tendency to blame his various shortcomings on his asianness. Mention that he forgot to fill out a form… you’ll quickly hear him say “it’s because I’m Asian.” It’s become quite the joke around the office. He comes back next week from a two week stint in Cheney, WA. I’m excited.

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