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Blogging Once More

August 1st, 2005

I haven’t posted in almost two months. Its really inexcusable, because without regular posting there is no way to keep track of all my exciting life stories. How can I go on denying the world my great adventures? So, I’m going to start posting again. It’s time to get things back in order around here in my internet doorstep.

This weekend has been an amazing series of events worth listing, because it’s just so much more than I would ever do under normal circumstances. But somehow Seattle managed to conspire against me and scheduled litterally dozens of neat events around town and I went to as many as possible. In chronological order I did the following: The Funky Market in Pioneer Square, Moose Days in Roosevelt, the World Champion Disc Free Throw (very cool… freestyle disc throwing) in Greenlake, the Ballard Seafoodfest in Ballard, walked around Greenlake with Sam Castic, and lost $20 to friends in a poker game in Wallingford. What a schedule! I was outdoors so much, I actually got some color!

Stay tuned as I go back into the past by posting events with a timestamp approximate to when they actually happened. Its gonna be cool.

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