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A Perfect Fool

August 30th, 2005

I’m a pretty straitlace guy. When people bounce balls around offices, I ask them to stop. When people play with things that could break easy, I ask them to stop. When people are thinking about the consequences of their actions, I ask them to stop. It seems like I’m always asking people to stop. Today, I wish someone had told me to stop.

It started innocently enough. Everyone in the GPSS Office had been goofing around waiting for a meeting to start. Kim, our Office Manager, had been suffering sinus trouble all day and had laid down on the couch instead of going home since she had to take minutes at the meeting. Someone said something, and then someone responded, and then Kim made some kind of quip about me. I don’t even remember what the joke was about, but something set me off.

In a joking manner I went over to the couch with my pen, cap removed, and begun to fling the tip of the pen around. I’ve done this before with dry eraser maker and ruined a perfectly good pair of pants in the process; typing it I can’t help but think what an idiotic thing to do. But there I was, flinging a black ink pen knowing full well.

Wouldn’t you know it, ink across Kim’s neck and on her shirt. And not just any shirt mind you… her favorite shirt in the whole world that she had kept in excellent condition for more than four years. I immediately felt so stupid, and she was angry (rightfully so) and ran off to the bathroom. This lead to a 45 minute meeting full of awkward silence and humiliation as I faced my peers with the full knowledge that I, straightlaced Sean, had committed the stupidest act seen in that office in a mighty long time.

I have seriously no idea how to make it up to her…

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  1. Anonymous
    August 30th, 2005 at 19:17 | #1

    Sean you are such a dork. Seriously it is NOT a big deal. The shirt was like $10 from Old Navy for God’s sake! Now I just have a comfy pajama top! PLEASE do not worry about it.


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