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Breaking up with Lindsay

July 12th, 2005

Everyone knew this was coming. Lindsay had accepted a job as Congressman Adam Smith’s Scheduler, which is an odd political job that is hard to describe to someone if they’ve never spent any time in Washington. She was very excited, and rightfully so, and set to leave for her new home July 26. Which seems it should be the day we broke up, parting ways as good friends… but it was apparently not meant to be.

Continuing Linsday’s somewhat problematic failure in recognizing opportunity costs of decisions beyond those that effect per personally, the night she accepted the job she was totally distant and detached. I left that morning upset and frustrated, and when I called her that evening to say that I didn’t want the next two weeks to be a repeat of that day, she was pretty honest that it was only going to get worse. And that was the end.

There was an awkward going away party where Lindsay pretty much avoided me, even though I had gone WAY beyond my own comfort zone to come in the first place. And then she left.

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