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Turning 24

June 17th, 2005

Today I turned 24 It’s not the most amazing event ever, to be certain. The somewhat trite comment about birthdays not mattering after 21 continues to hold true. I’m told that 25 holds some level of excitement, in that you qualify for cheaper car insurance. But I don’t drive all that much, so that seems like a hollow event. The celebration was fun, if not a little sad. It was fun because friends and family gathered at my house for food and presents.

The sadness, one of the most intense I’ve ever felt, came from opening the presents from my mother. She’s been having a very tough time making ends meet. Work has been bad, there have been certain fiscal incidents that caused problems, and my grandmothers continued degradation as she ages have forced her to spend more time with her and less earning money. But my mom has been through tough times before and has done an amazing job shielding her family from her troubles. But I guess I’m getting somewhat more aware of my mom’s actions, because this time I saw right through her efforts. The gifts she got me, while thoughtful, were all either very inexpensive or things she owned and was parting with for my own happiness. I guess sadness is the wrong term, because I was also deeply touched by her own sacrifice to make sure the day went well. And it did. And I owe her for it.

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