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Not Really Done

June 11th, 2005

Today marks the end of my 2L year at the UW… but the end is somewhat hollow because it is simply incomplete. This past week I rushed to complete several outstanding projects, most notably a 25 page report on the share-a-like provisions of the GPL and a website on VoIP technology and uses. It took quite a bit longer to finish. Add on top my obligations flowing out of GPSS and Lindsay’s graduation from the Political Science Department, and you’ve got one hell of a busy week.

With the week over I can look back and see that I have accomplished a lot… but unfortunately I still have a report due on my evaluation of the Seattle Broadband Technology Task Force and various administrative issues surrounding my application to a federal clerkship. So instead of proudly announcing that I am a 3L today, I am somewhat disappointed to say that I am a 2L+ with hopes of advancement.

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