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Job Market Success

When I first started law school I was surprised at how intensely everything focused on the job hunt. I’m still not sure if the focus resulted from the poor job market, or just the competitive nature of law students. One thing is for certain, I could never really bring myself to the levels of fanaticism expressed by my colleagues. Yes, I participated in things like On Campus Interviews (OCI) and send out a half a dozen resumes over the year… but it never seemed all that important, even though I would have appreciated the chance to gain some out-of-school experience.

Last year, as a result of my lax approach, I went without a legal job. Not a huge loss, all things considered. I just programmed and did other odd jobs around the University. Life was good. This summer looked like it was going to end up very much the same way after I turned down the WIPO gig. But that fate was not to be mine. Yesterday I was offered, and accepted, a summer internship with Wizards of the Coast in-house legal department. Its a relatively small operations; just two lawyers and an office assistant. That’s okay though, because if I end up practicing law, I expect it to be in-house and a relatively none combative kind of practice. I think Wizards is going to be a good fit.

As a long time follower of the EFF, I’ve read their tips on workplace blogging. While all well and good in the abstract, the EFF guidelines essentially mean that I would not be me in my posts, so the alternative is to refrain from posting about the workplace. So don’t come here expecting any sort of insider info on Wizards… beyond the simple truth that I probably won’t know, if I do know, I probably won’t say.

This job now adds to my existing commitments as a research assistant for Prof. Nicholas, continued programming for LegSim, and various summer tasks for GPSS. It should be a very busy summer… which is good, all things considered. My only worry is that I won’t be able to spend as much time with Lindsay as I’d like, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep my weekends free and without the usual threat of homework that looms during the school year.

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