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Interview Update

I had my interview with Wizards and I would say it went very well. Unfortunately, it would be in poor taste to share all of my insights on the interview in this forum. Which is actually a really interesting aspects of blogs. On one hand, it enables people to publish truths that may not otherwise get published, however to do so without bringing wrath down upon yourself you must blog anonymously. But, if I go anonymous on my blog, I lose a great deal of credibility and also the personal aspect of the blogs. Obviously there is more to my identity than my name… there is only one GPSS Treasurer, so if I mention the position I end up giving away my identity. This in turn leaves the secret blogger with nothing to talk about other than company gossip, which rapidly becomes mudslinging for the purpose of mudslinging. Sort of a catch-22 if you ask me.

But I digress… interview went well, I should hear back in a couple of days.

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