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The Daily Covers Act of Evil

At last week’s Final Budget Deliberations for the S&A Fee Committee we decided to cut the funding to UWCARES. Its a good program, with good intentions, but it no longer serves the needs of the student body. At one time it supported five teams of two each night provided thousands of walks each year. Now it has two teams, and only serves 600 students. The reduction is not due to lack of funding, but lack of interest. Combined with the increase in campus lighting, better planning among studnets so they walk with a friend, campus blue phones, and cell phones and you begin to see why student demand plummeted. Personally, I think it shows great progress. Since UWCARES inception students have continued the push for a safer campus, demanding the capital investments necessary to ensure a secure environment. One of the benefits of that success is reduced need for bandaid programs like UWCARES.

Unfortunately, it falls to someone to make that final, fateful decision to terminate the program… and perhaps just as importantly, someone must write a flashy headline about the decision to terminate the program. Those who have read it all agree the article itself is very fair and balanced. I guess the only upsetting thing is the Friday article about SAF’s decision to cut the fee by three dollars was given a tiny blurb and an even tinier headline, but I guess good news just doesn’t move papers like controversial news.

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