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State of Cooking Shows

Today, while watching Bobby Flay’s Boy Meets Grill, I remarked to Brett that something strange is afoot with modern cooking shows. During the 30 minutes expose on grilled sandwiches (Cheese Philly, Turkey BLT, and Grilled Tuna Salad), Bobby uttered not one word about time, quantity, or preparation. We learned about the importance of proper bacon thickness and why grilled tuna must be rejuvenated with a flavorful dressing, but not a moment was spared to discuss the information relevant to the actual making of these delectable treats.

Later in the show, Brett posited the purpose of these new cooking shows. The more traditional explanation, that we are learning how to cook, fails to withstand the simple truth explained above. Our final determination revealed that today’s cooking show are really nothing more than food pornography. You watch the show to remind yourself how much you love food. Sometimes this inspires you to run to your kitchen and make wild, passionate cuisine. Every now and then you cheat on your faithful companion and pay for someone else to cook for you. More often than not, you get your fix with junk food while watching yet another glorified cooking centerfold.

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