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Star Wars and the Near Future

I saw the final installment of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I thought it was really good! Political, funny, visually amazing, compelling story, it was all there. They made some curious decisions about the storyline that make the whole series somewhat problematic. For example, if I were to show the entire series to someone who had never seen Star Wars I don’t think I would show it to them chronologically. Part of what makes Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back so great is the surprise reveal of the relationship between Luke and Vadar. Its also very interesting to piece the relationship between Vadar and Obi Wan. If you watch Episode I through III first, all of that intrigue and surprise is lost.

Some have suggested the order IV, V, I, II, III, ending with VI. This seems to be a pretty compelling way to do things. IV and V setup the mystery and the environment, getting you to understand the relationships and history leading up to the final clash. Then you flip to I, II, and III to see how we got to the situation and explains the fall of Vadar and why he is a tragic figure and not just a bad guy. Then you end with VI, which I suggest will be a totally different experience then before. Where the Luke v. Vadar fight is usually seen as a fight between good and evil, I think with the context of Episode III the fight becomes far more complex. Now its a fight over balance and respect, not just good conquering evil.

As a totally geeky point, the story with Padme and her death poses interesting problems for some of the books released in the time period after the Battle of Endor. There is a whole three book series on Luke’s search for his mother, which reveals many interesting facts. As I recall, the death of Padme is not going to be inconsistent. But, I’m pretty sure it was revealed that Luke’s mother had force powers and was part of a traveling group of force-wielding women (though not Jedi). Padme clearly had no force powers… so I’m not sure how the two stories fit together.

In other news, Lindsay broke up with me after the movie. It sucks… but I’m trying my best to respect her decision.

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