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Being Sort of Done

Today marks the last day of my Copyrights class. Instruction ended Tuesday, review class on Wednesday, take home final Thursday, turned it in today. Its part of a new compressed schedule they are testing out to let students get out of school quicker and start jobs that expect students to be available mid May. In many ways I was disappointed that Copyrights was offered as a compressed course. It seemed to sort of cheapen the class. Stupidly Copyrights is only a three credit course (although the implications of Copyrights could take twice as much course time to adequately teach). Combine the three credit nature with the shorted course term and it just seemed like the subject was give the short end of the stick.

I’m thinking I will post one of my answers after the finals are all turned in (you had 24 hours to take it, but could start as late as Friday 4:30). While I highly doubt anyone from my class would read my blog within the next 16 hours, posting the answer or any hints as to the nature of the questions strikes me as the sort of thing they expell you for. Suffice to say, it posed some unique questions that were fun to grapple with.

Now that the Copyrights class is over I must turn my focus to the remaining courses. Drafting Tech Contracts may turn out to be the real sleeper for the quarter. At first I thought it was really easy… but suddenly it got hard and I didn’t really catch up. I’m worried I won’t be quite prepared for the final or the writing assignment. But what really keeps me up at night are the two, yet-to-be completed assignments for my Tech Clinic and the paper for my Legal Protection of Software class. The Tech Clinic papers should really have been done months and months ago, but the nature of the course has made it almost too easy to push it off to the last minute. I essentially have two weeks to get it all finished.

The Legal Protection paper is a more interesting situation. It is supposed to be 20 pages in order to complete the requirements for the course, which is really nothing spectacular. But I’ve been planning to use it to fulfill my Advanced Writing Requirement, which requires a bit more effort than 20 pages. Combining that writing with the Tech Clinic writing may be a bit too much. So now I’ve got to figure out how to balance all of the commitments against one another.

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