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First Post Inauguration

April 6th, 2005

I’ve done Blogs before.

Way back during my Junior year in college (2001) I was majorly into blogging. But that was before blogging even became something normal people did. Sure, there was Slashdot… but beyond that it just wasn’t popular. I really didn’t even think of it as blogging until years later. All I did was take humorous stories in the lives of my friends, write a paragraph about it, and post in online. People could read it and see what had happened. I even wrote the software that made the blogs run. Starting with raw HTML, I later developed a flat file technique and then my last few blogs were database driven. I still have those posts, flat files, and Dbases lying around, the question is whether I have the software that knows how to read them?

This blog marks the third time I have tried to start a real law school blog for myself. I had one named Contras Pacem Regis (“Against the Kings Peace”) for the first few months but didn’t really keep up with it. Later I flirted with Live Journal, but I found the interface intolerable and just didn’t click with it. I think I only made 2 posts on Live Journal.

The grand hope is that Blogger will be the magic ticket. We’ll see though… what with its lack of inane smiley face options, I may have a difficult time properly expressing my deepest emotions in digital format :)

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