From the Ashes of the 2012 GOP Primary

December 6th, 2011

Editors Note: My project to write a post every day is already off to a rocky start, as Saturday’s post went long and I’ve been distracted by other things. Today’s post, which should have been Sunday’s, is going to be shorter and perhaps tomorrow I can play catch up.

The 2012 Presidential Election is headed to America like the proverbial freight train, and the only good thing about it is the Democrats don’t have to go through the pain and agony of selecting a new candidate. Instead we get Barack Obama, for better or worse… but this isn’t a post about Democrats, that’s scheduled for Tuesday. Today we are talking about the other side, the not-so-loyal opposition, the Republican Party nomination process. Here, in short order, are my thoughts on the major candidates, why they are in the race, and what it means for nation. Read more…

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On the Predicted Death of the PC, the Game Console, and Scripting Languages

December 4th, 2011

In 2011 I have heard predicted the death of the PC, of gaming consoles, and scripting languages so often that the claim hardly seems shocking anymore. The cottage industry of making bold predictions has gotten so big that in order to make any true waves you need to predict increasingly more outrageous outcomes and just hope you strike it lucky often enough that no one notices all the times you get it wrong. But the three predictions above strike a little too close to home for me to not take notice. The death of the PC, the gaming console, and scripting languages would essentially mean the death of my knowledge and interest in technology. Read more…

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Can Has Opinions!

December 3rd, 2011

Okay folks, the last time I posted was P90X before/after shots back in May, and then before that, a random post about making icons in December. During those 12 months of relative blog silence I have a lot of thoughts I have failed to write down. Part of this is because if you want anything to be read these days, you gotta say it on Facebook or Twitter, but also because I’ve become a bit intellectually lazy. Well, that ends this week. Starting Saturday (it’s still mentally Friday for me) I’m going to post one thing every day until next Saturday with a set topic calendar. Read more…

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P90X: Run One

May 16th, 2011

For Christmas my sister gave me the P90X exercise program to help me continue my fitness journey. I had done the original P90 program years earlier in law school and when I first moved to Santa Cruz. But back then I was never able to actually complete all 90 days before I would either get too busy or injured, leading to getting off schedule and, inevitably, failure. But after working out five days a week for an entire year without missing a day, I figured I finally had the needed mental commitment to see the program through.

Last Sunday I finished my 90th day! I’ll be honest, I am less pleased with my results than I had hoped, but the blame for that lies entirely with myself. Yes, I can lift more weight, I can do more push-ups (including one handed and clap), I can do more pull-ups (lots more), and I’ve seen great improvement in my rock climbing. But my physical appearance just hasn’t changed as much for how hard I worked. Of course, the reason for this failure is that I didn’t do the diet, so while I was certainly building muscle, I wasn’t building as much as I could, and while I was burning fat, I wasn’t burning as much as I should. So, starting this week I’m doing the program over again but this time I’m sticking to the diet.

But, just because the results weren’t amazing doesn’t mean they weren’t something to be proud of, because they are. So, without further ado, here is a collection of photos taken at 30 day intervals. You can click through to see a larger version of any photo. Read more…

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My Amazing Graphic Accomplishment

December 28th, 2010

Let’s start this off by saying that I am a bad artist with zero sense of graphic design. When talking to clients about development projects they inevitably ask me a design question, to which I respond “I’ll pull in a designer to answer that question, because believe me: you don’t want my design advice. If I designed our sites, everything would be in black and white.” Usually worth a good laugh out of the client and helps set the expectations — Sean != Designer.

But, this holiday season I found myself in need of a specific icon for a project I’m working on, and the design staff is either slammed or on a well earned vacation, so what’s an enterprising developer to do? Role up his sleeves and get dirty with a graphics application, that’s what! And my success was so complete, I couldn’t help but share in the wonder. Read more…

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Europe 2010 Travel Log — The Days of Beer & Wine

April 23rd, 2010

Following London, Sarah and I went on a strict detox diet to recover from three days of strong meat pies and weak British beers. Sadly, it lasted but a few days, because by Thursday night we were embarking on a four day drinking event the likes of which are unrivaled in my short time on this planet. From one of Holland’s first pubs to carry international beers, to the outlandishly wide-ranging wine tasting, and with stop to a Trappist Brewery in between, it was truly the days of beer and wine. Read more…

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Europe 2010 Travel Log — London: Day Three

April 23rd, 2010

Our last day in London meant accounting for travel back to Holland, and while we were taking one of the last flights out of Gatwick, we still had to leave the city around 3pm. Thus, with a shortened day we targeted our sightseeing on what some might call the Crown Jewels of London: The British Museum. Bet you thought I was going to say the actual Crown Jewels…but those are kept in the Tower of London which we had already visited. After the museum we did a bit of light touring and shopping and said our final goodbyes to the city. Read more…

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Europe 2010 Travel Log — London: Day Two

April 22nd, 2010

Our second day in London was entirely “in-country”. We woke up in Britain, we went to bed in Britain, and through out the day did thoroughly British things. Today’s main objective was to see St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Greenwich Observatory, and enjoy a nice romantic dinner in Parson’s Green. Our journey threw more than its fair share of curve balls along the way, but we managed to hit all of the major destinations and scored a major piece of swag. Read more…

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Europe 2010 Travel Log — London: Day One

April 18th, 2010

In an effort to make these travel posts more bite size, I am going to post about our three day trip to London in single day posts. Hopefully this makes it easier to write and more enjoyable to read. Our first day had us arrive in Gatwick, check in at our hotel, ride the London Eye, walk through White Hall, visit Sarah’s alma mater, see Buckingham Palace, eat delicious Indian food, observe Soho nightlife, and ride the Tube back to our hotel. Read on to hear about these adventures, and more, along with pretty photos. Read more…

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FCC and Network Neutrality

April 9th, 2010

Some months ago the FCC — now with a majority of Democratic commissioners — implemented network neutrality rules using it’s “ancillary” regulatory powers. I’m on record as a proponent of network neutrality, taking the general position that the internet should be treated like a common carrier and/or utility, and that the only thing providers should be in the business of is delivering reliable and fast service. The moment providers become content filters is the moment their interests stop being aligned with the general good. Think of it like a road builder who also sold cars… don’t you think you’d build your roads to benefit your cars? After a failed effort to enact a network neutrality statute in Congress, the FCC stepped in, however a Federal Court has struck down the regulation taking us back at square one. But don’t worry, that’s a good thing. Read more…

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